Steps to Save Lives Philly

Thanks for registering to take Steps to Save Lives! 

You are about to take some Very Important Steps:
By running (or walking) this 5k, you will increase awareness that Heartburn can cause Cancer and play an important role in the fight against Esophageal Cancer!

We know that running or walking a 5k can seem daunting. So many questions:
How to start?
How to make enough progress?
How to be ready for the big day?

Here's How We Will Help:
With permission from the originators of the program, we have adapted the Couch to 5K program used by thousands of folks around the world to prep for 5Ks for nearly two decades to help you get ready - and we are going to do it with you - every step of the way.

We are providing these resources so you can train without feeling overwhelmed. Join our Couch to 5k Facebook group so you can share and celebrate your progress with other participants! We will be there to answer questions and cheer you on. We want to see everyone succeed!

You can also find the official Couch to 5k app available for purchase in the iPhone App Store as well as the Google Play store. If you don’t want to use the app, that is perfectly fine - we will give you all the info you need - and some personal TLC, too!  Just join our Facebook Couch to 5K group and you'll find all the resources you need.

If you are not on Facebook, drop us a line at (put Couch to 5K in the subject line) and we'll get the info to you through email. 
Your participation means so much in the fight against Esophageal Cancer! 
We are grateful - and hope that you enjoy this fun program as you prepare for this amazing event!