Steps to Save Lives Philly

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I finish a 5K?

If you are in decent health, the answer is YES!  You are welcome to walk or jog or run - or even roll in a wheelchair or stroller.  
One of the reasons that the event is a 5K (3.1 miles)  is so that we can have the broadest participant base possible. That makes the event more fun and raises more money for our mission.  Nonetheless, you should check with your physician before undertaking any exercise if you have concerns.
To make it even easier to prepare for the event, ECAN has partnered with the folks at the internationally renowned Couch to 5K program to help you prepare. We have a special Facebook group to support your effort and promise we will be with you every step of the way! You can find out more under Couch to 5K on the event home page. 
Can I walk the course?

Yes! Approximately 50% of our participants are walkers and walking is a great way to participate with a whole group of friends and with younger participants.

Is there a minimum amount of fundraising I must do?
No.  We hope that everyone who participates will make a good-faith effort to raise funds to support the fight against Esophageal Cancer, but we have no required fundraising amount.  We encourage folks to shoot for $200, and most have little difficulty meeting that goal.

We provide you with the tools to make fundraising easy (your own web page, sample e-mails, social media integration, fundraising tips, etc).   Don't worry; we've got your back.  And we have incentives for fundraising.

Prizes for fundraising:

Everyone who raises $100 or more will receive a cool, silicone phone pocket with adhesive back.  Non-residue 3M™ adhesive sticks to the back of your mobile phone and the pocket holds credit cards, driver's license, hotel room keys, stylus, coins, or other small personal items while sharing the life-saving message "Heartburn can cause Cancer"!
Everyone who raises $200 or more will receive a cool, clear drawstring bag that meets all regulations for entry to NFL games and sports the ECAN "check-man" logo.
Those who raise $500 or more will receive a Periwinkle Blue "Steps to Save Lives" Baseball Cap.
If you raise $1,000, you'll get a long-sleeved moisture-wicking half-zip SportTek shirt in Esophageal Cancer's awareness color of Periwinkle Blue with an embroidered awareness ribbon and ECAN logo.  
Are there any awards given out at the event?
Yes. In addition to medals for all who finish the 5K, there are awards for the top three overall male and female finishers as well as for the top three male and female finishers in each age group.  
Our charity's top fundraiser will be recognized, too! 

How much of the money that I raise goes to your organization?

100%. The Generosity Series that hosts the event does not charge the organization any processing fees or commissions (as in any online credit card transaction, our credit card company charges a small processing fee). 
So raise as much as you can because you can be sure that every penny is going to the fight against Esophageal Cancer.

Is the event safe?

The event is permitted, licensed and coordinated with municipal enforcement officials. The Generosity Series planning team takes guidance from law enforcement and/or private security consultants. As a precaution, there is always at least one ambulance and/or dedicated medical professionals on-site at the event.